We’ve recently set up our new studio (if you haven’t seen it, come visit!) and purchased new canvases to hang on the wall. After we hung them all, we noticed that that one of the canvases had a couple of faint green lines running through the arm of the bride.

      Not thrilled by this, we contacted our canvas supplier who immediately told us that they would replace the canvas for FREE with no questions asked. We were thrilled that our investment in canvas art was protected by our professional canvas printer. And more importantly as a client, you want to know that if there are imperfections, you can rest assured that your products will be perfect!

      Inspired by our amazing canvas printer, we decided to list our top reasons for buying professional print products.

      1. As mentioned above, if there is an error in printing (no matter how large or small) the printed item will be replaced quickly. No need to drag it (or ship it back in) to a less reputable printer. We inspect all print products before you get them so you don’t have to worry about it.

      2. Our printers have a 75 year unconditional guarantee on their products. That means for any reason the canvas get accidentally damaged, you’re covered! No need to worry about anything.

      3. The colours will be perfect. If you purchase print work from us after your portrait session or your wedding, the colours in your print work will be exactly the way they are meant to be. We regularly calibrate our monitors to ensure colour correctness. We also work closely with our printer to ensure that our photos are in the right colour profile (sRGB and CMYK to name a couple) to get the right colours.

      4. No colour bleeding or fading over time. Five years ago, we had a great family photographer take photos of our extended family. My in-laws decided to purchase the digital files to save money. They ordered a cheap canvas from a department store and after a couple of years the colours began to blur into each other and the photo looked out of focus. They replaced the image (from the same supplier) and two years later on they are talking about getting it replaced again. All up, they are paying more than what the professional quality canvas would have cost them! Its like what my dad always taught me: if you buy cheap, you buy twice.

      5. Supporting Australian Businesses. Our print supplier is in Brisbane. They have a thriving business that supports lots of local families. There’s no need to send your print money overseas when it can be done better here.

      6. Quick delivery. Usually we have our products back to us within a week of sending it, ready for you to pick up at our studio. No extra charge for quicker delivery.

      Please don’t send your artwork to cheap printers. Let us do it for you and get it right the first time.

      If you would like to see some samples of our quality prints, contact us and schedule a time to come in and see how amazing they look.