Maui Engagement Photography – Misa and Alex

Foggy covered mountain tops, sneaking on to sugar cane fields, random roadside photo sessions and a huge plate of Loco Moco – That’s how I remember my recent trip to Maui and my new friends, Alex and Misa.

While we were last in Hawaii, we had the opportunity to photograph this super fun couple and they took us around to all of their favourite parts of the island.  We spend a long time talking about what kind of locations that they would like on their engagement photo shoot.  We finally decided that we didn’t want “typical Hawaii” with its palm trees and beautiful beaches.  We wanted something unique and special that showcased their love of all the parts of the island.

We hiked up Makawao and found ourselves amongst the fog and trees and the fog seemed to nearly engulf Alex and Misa.  There is something about fog that can turn an amazing photograph into a magical photograph!  As we walked the winding trails, we found an oasis of grass that looked like a luscious green carpet in amongst the tall pine trees.  It was an ideal location.

We then travelled down the middle of the island and found a sugar cane field and really took advantage of the sun and sun flare to capture the warmth of the island.  We had some fun dancing and playing in the canes.

Continuing on, we spotted this patch of dried grass that looked amazing in the setting sun light.  The photographs we captured here are fun, cute and full of personality.

If you’re ever on Maui, make sure you check out Da Kitchen for some amazing local food! We had the loco moco (a must have) and deep fried spam sushi.  Don’t let the spam fool you, it is YUMMY!

Thank you Alex and Misa for showing me your beautiful island for letting me be a part of your engagement.  I look forward to see you next year for your wedding!!!

If you (or someone you know) would love to get some beautiful engagement photos like these, then please send us a message!

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