We photograph your wedding day with a mix of gentle directing and a hands-off approach.

We like to sit back and capture your day as it unfolds naturally to focus on all the little moments that make up your wedding day.

Catching all the laughs, tears, and little looks that otherwise get missed when overproduced, but we know when to step in and guide you when needed to get the best poses and shots to curate your wedding images.


We know everyone has a different budget and photography needs so we are always open to creating custom packaging to keep the door open for couples. In saying that, our pricing starts at $2,700 to give you an idea of what to expect.


Our couples work hard and appreciate the finer things in life but are also down to earth and love to have fun.

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve shot a wedding and a bridesmaid will comment on how chill and easy-going we are compared to who they hired. It always surprises us to hear that other photographers are rude or controlling and make the day about them. Not Us!!!

This is your day and you’ve paid a lot of money dreaming and organizing every little detail. We are here to tell your story in a fun and relaxed way. We pride ourselves on being both professional and personable so you can connect with us and trust us to take care of you.

You can expect us to be honest with what to expect with different lighting, timelines, weather, and do our best to find solutions when faced with less than ideal circumstances.

04. love is love

We support couples with diverse backgrounds and values and proudly shoot all wedding celebrations no matter your race, religion, gender, or sexuality.


It’s important for us to know that our couples value us and what we do so they can relax and let us do our thing. You care about your photos, we’re not just there because it’s expected.

We work with you to create a timeline that allows you the best lighting and enough time for each part of your day. There’s nothing worse than being rushed with a 10-minute portrait session and expected to create magic. As a creative, that’s just depressing not to mention stressful.

We work hard to make your day as fun and stress-free as possible so you can look your best and have the best memories of your day.


After shooting over 500 weddings all over the world, from pouring rain to 40-degree heat, you don’t have to worry.

We’ve got you covered.



Our wedding packages start at $2,700 for 5 hours. All of our packages come with a bonus album credit as we want all of our couples to have a tangible keepsake of their wedding day.

Contact us for all the full package list or to create a custom package to suit your needs!

frequently asked questions

Yes! Yes! Yes!

We’ve shot all over Australia, France, Scotland, and the US. If you can dream it, we can do it. We calculate travel costs to your chosen destination and create a custom package.

We know how excited you are to receive your gallery, that’s why we aim to deliver before the industry standard of 6-8 weeks. You can expect your finished gallery within 4 weeks and just to give you a little sneak peek we’ll send you a few images to share within a week!

Fill in the contact form on the book now tab with as much detail as possible. Once the date is confirmed we’ll discuss the details of your day. Sign an online contract and pay the booking fee to secure your wedding date. The balance is due 30 days before your wedding date. That’s It to guarantee we’ll be there on your wedding day!

Last-minute bookings are accepted, however, to avoid disappointment you should try to book at least 6 to 18 months in advance as there are only so many Saturdays in peak season!

Unlike other photographers who will only deliver 300-500, we don’t put a cap on what we deliver. The only photos we take out of your gallery are the blinking, motion blur or unflattering photos we know you don’t want. Our average gallery is 600-1,000 images but sometimes it’s more depending on how long we’re there and what’s happening on the day.

We do not send you any RAW (un-edited) photos – you are hiring us for our editing style and trust that we send all the right photos.

Of course! If you have a Pinterest board send it along, it will give us an idea of what you like. But keep in mind, we won’t follow a shot list pose by pose. You’re hiring us because of our expertise and micromanaging can take all of the creativeness and fun out of your shoot. We like to keep things as spontaneous and natural as possible with just a little tweaking.

We mostly have meetings online these days. Not only is it great for social distancing, but with our 3 kids and your busy work schedules, we have found it easier for everyone to cut out the travel time and catch up online. But if you prefer to catch up face to face we can arrange a time that suits you and go from there!

“Wow! Thank you so much. they are amazing. So in love with them. You guys are the best. You put us at ease and it was fab to have a crew that not only knew each other but was seeing Scotland for the first time, with fresh eyes. Your excitement was contagious. It was also so special for a husband and wife team to do the wedding. You would be walking hand in hand in front of us, and it was lovely and inspiring and Jonny and I noticed and loved it!”

Christine + Jonny.