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France Destination Wedding Photographers – Part 4 – Chateau de Versailles

Part 4 of our month long look of destination wedding photography in France takes us to one of my favourite places in France, perhaps even the whole world.  The Grand Trianon is a remarkably beautiful palace adjacent to the Chateau de Versailles.  Combined with the accompanying Estate of Marie-Antoinette, the Grand Trianon is the perfect location to escape the crowds of Versailles and have a truly regal experience less than an hour away from Paris.  Described as “a little pink marble and porphyry palace with delightful gardens,” the Grand Trianon is an amazing venue to host your classy affair.

We were fortunate to have Aurelie Rose model the amazing Adelaide Dress by Anna Campbell.  Honorine Makeup Studios again lived up to her reputation as one of the best hair and makeup artists in Paris.

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Aurelie Rose

Anna Campbell

Make up:
Honorine Makeup Studios

Monceau Fleurs

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