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Rain-Kissed Romance at Osteria: Kendall & Lachie’s Tweed Coast Wedding

As Tweed Coast wedding photographers, we get to witness some pretty special moments. But let me tell you, capturing Kendall and Lachlan’s wedding at Osteria last weekend was like photographing a story written in the stars. Why? Because this wasn’t just any wedding – it was the culmination of a love story we’ve had the privilege of documenting for years.

We first met Kendall & Lachlan when they were just a sparky, fun-loving couple welcoming their first child. Over the years, we’ve been there for many family portraits, so, standing amongst their beaming friends and family at Osteria, witnessing them say “I do” felt like watching the final chapter of a beautiful book unfold.

Now, the universe loves to add its own artistic flair sometimes, and let’s just say, Mother Nature decided to bless the day with a generous helping of Tweed Coast rain. But let me tell you, this couple and their wedding party? They didn’t blink. They embraced the wet pavement as their dance floor, laughed as their hair frizzed in the wind, and stole sweet kisses under transparent umbrellas. Their infectious joy was like sunshine breaking through the clouds, and it made capturing their love story even more magical.

Speaking of magic, Osteria provided the perfect backdrop for it all. The exposed brick walls, fairy lights, and lush greenery transformed into a cozy haven as rain became a rhythmic soundtrack to the celebration. We snuck Kendall and Lachlan away for some intimate portraits under the shelter of old trees, their laughter echoing through the leaves. We captured the raw emotion of their vows, the tearful toasts, and the unbridled joy of the first dance – all with a touch of that rainy romance that made the day so unique.

So, if you’re searching for a Tweed Coast wedding photographer who can capture the raw beauty of your love story, rain or shine, look no further. Just like Kendall and Lachlan, let’s make your wedding day a moment you’ll treasure forever. Contact us for more info

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