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Shadia & Nick’s Brisbane Wedding: Zaffe, Shuffles & A Love Story For the Ages

As a Brisbane wedding photographer, I recently had the pleasure of capturing the beautiful wedding of Shadia and Nick. The couple got ready at their respective homes, with Nick getting ready at his house and Shadia at her parents’ house. The wedding ceremony was held at the stunning St. Stephens Cathedral in Brisbane, followed by a reception at Blackbird in Brisbane.

Forget fairy tales, Shadia and Nick’s Lebanese wedding in Brisbane was an epic reality show of love, laughter, and enough dabke moves to make Shakira jealous. From early jitters at Nick’s place to Shadia’s parents’ house transformed into a glam station, the day was a kaleidoscope of pre-wedding pandemonium.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral witnessed the fairytale moment. Shadia, dripping diamonds and elegance, floated down the aisle, leaving Nick speechless (a rare feat!). The ceremony, a beautiful blend of tradition and twinkle, had everyone misty-eyed and reaching for tissues, especially Nick.

Blackbird was where the party truly erupted. Forget boring cake-cutting; this was Zaffe time! Drums pumped, rose petals rained like confetti, and dabke circles spun like human kaleidoscopes. Shadia and Nick, in their element, led the charge, radiating joy like disco balls on overdrive.

Shadia and Nick, your love story was a blast to capture. May your future be paved with laughter lines, epic family gatherings, and enough baklava to fuel a small nation. And to all you Brisbane lovebirds planning your own adventure, remember – ditch the cheese, embrace your quirks, and let your love story unfold with a bang!

So, if you’re searching for a Brisbane wedding photographer who can capture the raw beauty of your love story, rain or shine, look no further. Just like Shadia and Nick, let’s make your wedding day a moment you’ll treasure forever. Contact us for more info. If you’re looking at adding videography to your photography package, here are more recent wedding films.

Dress by George Wu

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